Monday, August 30, 2010

W Ba3deen!!

Many thoughts were beating up in my mind on my way home , ( w ba3deen) seems to be a good title , some ba3deen’s are really annoying:

• W ba3deen for , Hilary Clinton, For Being such a pain in A** ,every time the Palestine- Israeli conflict is heating up she simply comes and announce that the Direct talks will continue , as If all the Palestinian Citizen are not capable to define their own Destiny!

• W ba3deen for the Arab nations for their continuous passive Role in the Arabic political matters , just bla bla speeches here and there! Er7amoona!

• W ba3deen for the Minister of health , Thousands of Doctors in just hundreds of Clinics , we’ll reach a situation where’s no space for the patient s to be in!

• W ba3deen for the Commercial ads which are stealing the audience minds in this holy month

• W ba3deen for our Government for doubling and tripling the prices, that now the cucumber is considered as a very neat High Class Food which u can eat in the holidays and in the very special occasions

• W Ba3deen for our Arabic mentality, that permits killing other souls for the sake of a fake honor!

• W ba3deen, for the Arab league for keep parsing the American attitudes from the MEA conflicts! What the hell they’re thinking of!

• W ba3deen for the UN for keep stalling the Flotilla probing as if it’s a very complicated Issue , it’s as simple as this:

Snow white: The Good Girl
The prince and elves: supporters of the Good Girl
Step Mother: the evil


• W ba3den for my mind , for thinking of a billion things all at the same time and not letting me to entertain my very basic right ( To Sleeeeeeeeep!)

To be continued …..

I know that many (w Ba3deens)are popping up in our minds every once and a while ,,,for me they’re keeping the track of what’s pissing me off , to water my well to make a change some day! What about you?


  1. allow me to "vent" 2 of my own:

    w ba3dain ma3 tada5ollat Iran + al3abha b nwawi taba3ha!

    w ba3dain ma3 l double standrdz wth Islamic & "other" ritualz and/or practicz

    liked it , thx...


  2. Thanx for the Comment Haitham :)

    And Yea I second u in ur (w ba3deen's)make sense!

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  4. Sa7 Noor!! it is annoying right?

  5. w ba3dein....
    7abbeit il post :)
    waiting for the sequel