Friday, July 30, 2010

How to Turn a current Crisis into a Motive!

Yes With No Doubts I was Inspired to the Max , screening Gaza’s Kids’ Activities and Events last week , It’s amazing How you can benefit From any current Crisis and turn the outcome all around to your own good .In the Middle Of their war with the Blind Violence Their Life was going on as if The peace is living around them all the time , It Couldn’t Hold Them Back or turn their motivation down ,instead it charged their spirits with Plenty of hope to live every single moment enjoying the simple things , moreover competing to break Guinness World records to Expose their Story To The Whole Nation ,,

What is in it for Us??Nowadays, The Business world bear no any kind of frustration or any second to use in weeping and regretting, It seeks Fast actions, pre plans and Many Alternatives to be on hold, Don’t Let your failure to get any way into your Inner Motivation, keep Charging yourself with Hope , Does it mean to be optimistic even if all the surroundings indicate the opposite ? Well,, Why not ? It Could be the Last right Plan To hold on to, So Think Wise, Don’t overanalyze and Take no more time to Implement an Action..

Just Enjoy Living in a Fast Growing Crazy Business World …..