Monday, August 30, 2010

W Ba3deen!!

Many thoughts were beating up in my mind on my way home , ( w ba3deen) seems to be a good title , some ba3deen’s are really annoying:

• W ba3deen for , Hilary Clinton, For Being such a pain in A** ,every time the Palestine- Israeli conflict is heating up she simply comes and announce that the Direct talks will continue , as If all the Palestinian Citizen are not capable to define their own Destiny!

• W ba3deen for the Arab nations for their continuous passive Role in the Arabic political matters , just bla bla speeches here and there! Er7amoona!

• W ba3deen for the Minister of health , Thousands of Doctors in just hundreds of Clinics , we’ll reach a situation where’s no space for the patient s to be in!

• W ba3deen for the Commercial ads which are stealing the audience minds in this holy month

• W ba3deen for our Government for doubling and tripling the prices, that now the cucumber is considered as a very neat High Class Food which u can eat in the holidays and in the very special occasions

• W Ba3deen for our Arabic mentality, that permits killing other souls for the sake of a fake honor!

• W ba3deen, for the Arab league for keep parsing the American attitudes from the MEA conflicts! What the hell they’re thinking of!

• W ba3deen for the UN for keep stalling the Flotilla probing as if it’s a very complicated Issue , it’s as simple as this:

Snow white: The Good Girl
The prince and elves: supporters of the Good Girl
Step Mother: the evil


• W ba3den for my mind , for thinking of a billion things all at the same time and not letting me to entertain my very basic right ( To Sleeeeeeeeep!)

To be continued …..

I know that many (w Ba3deens)are popping up in our minds every once and a while ,,,for me they’re keeping the track of what’s pissing me off , to water my well to make a change some day! What about you?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

And the Roads Monster wins again ...

It was Just last night , I was staying awake as usual ( since this hot wave decided to visit Amman) surfing different websites reading many articles and chatting with a friend , when Suddenly noticed that one of our friends has posted something awful on his profile, he was trying to make it easy on himself positing her picture along with some Condolences , wait it’s not April any more what happened , I was searching for his name insanely , avoiding to look at the picture, there’s must be something badly wrong happened, he should be mixing up with someone else ( I was convincing myself so,,to find some hope to hold on to )

Unfortunately, all my attempts blown out, It was Definite , Sara passed away because of a car accident , she spent the whole night at the hospital in the ICU but she couldn’t make it , My friends and I were popping up on each other’s screens searching for some good words to support our friend with , it’s a Holy Month and Only Allah will provide him with strength and patience to go thru it.

Sara is another victim for the Crazy Roads Monster , the one who refused but to parasite on our Youth spirits , leaving us in a deep shock losing our dears down there , Nothing much left to be announced, another number added to the fraction of the whole victims for such accidents in Jordan !

Sara , May your pure Soul rest in peace forever! And May Allah provide your family with lots of patience and strength to go through their loss, as for you my friend , keep praying and be strong for her sake , her soul is around whenever you seek more guidance , Allah be with you!