Sunday, November 14, 2010

Middle East fights the pain of wars by inspirational Initiatives!!

Yellastartup Lebanon-Motivational Event that managed to gather talents form all the Levant area in just one place to Speak up and deliver their start up ideas to all who can invest and their dreams become true!

Screening all the attendees I was feeling so proud knowing that Many came from Different parts holding smart ideas in mind , packing their passion charging their minds with powerful willingness to go
 Through the first milestone toward their sunny future , a future where they can be the leaders of their lives  far away from the painful reality of political conflicts that knocks our doors every now and then

So what’s about this Huge extraordinary gathering??powerful young people decided to change the lane of their lives ,,putting in mind helping their communities and take all of this to the next bright level!

Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria , what a great combination that we've never dreamt about! looks like that we are getting the power of our youth gain , so encouraging so promising and the best is yet to come !

The Power is always Ours!! Viva Middle East ! Viva YellaStartUp!