Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kings Don't Kill Kings

"We cannot divide or freeze a city as vibrant and creative as Jerusalem - we will continue to build and be built by it," Netanyahu stressed.” Jerusalem Day is the day on which Jerusalem was finally liberated, and was able to take all of its residents, Jewish and Arab, under its wings," Netanyahu said. "Never again shall it be suffocated, gloomy or divided."

The aforementioned was a small part of a stupid nonsense speech that was published On the Public TV in front of More than 22 Arab Countries All over the world and Millions of Arabic Audience!! and Guess What Salah El Deen I can Bet that they can't even remember your name !!

Remember When Richard ( Heart of the Lion) was shaking in your presence and when you killed his Minister ?? You Said : Calm Down Richard Kings Don't Kill Kings,,,,,,

Well, It's all around to the opposite side these million Arabic citizens are shaking in the presence of this ---- Prime Minister ,letting him say what ever he wants But just keep them safe in return , yea it's that Bad Salah el Deen,

Thousands are Killed , hundreds are homeless, tens are growing up without even having their basic rights( the right to live safely and freely) !! Sham On us?? what ever ,they don't have this pride any more to feel ashamed and guilty,,,

All what you have done is for nothing ,,they even lost the ability to cry because they have immunity in front of such crisis YET they can have some when their Star get the first place in the Top 4, or even when he/she get Nominated !!! I agree with them,, Honestly I do ,, Haram ,They did their Best to be from the top Ten so There is No sense Not to make it to The First Place in This Academy of Stars !!!

Allah Be with You Salah El Deen ,, Keep your tears with you in your dark grave ,,,, Just Pray For us To have another you from the coming Generations even from those who are growing up now thinking of taking their own revenge instead of having a regular childhood because Simply this Right was taken when Jerusalem announced to be a part of the Israeli Heritage,,,


  1. Amazingly described in an artistic way...
    two thumbs up my friend :)
    so proud of you :)

  2. Thanxxx Yazid Dear u r the Best ;)